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On April 25th at noon the world will be making soap bubbles of LOVE.

This is in honour of all Children around the Globe, who need to love and be loved by both their parents and both sides of their family without fear of repercussions or being called a traitor.

Each Bubble will represent LOVE, how love takes us all higher and how like Bubbles, we cannot and should not contain LOVE!

April 25th is International Parental Alienation Awareness Day, for more information on Parental Alienation and the life long damages they do to children, please go to www.paawareness.org

For more information on the Bubbles of Love campaign, please contact Sarvy Emo at info@bubblesofloveday.com

The Bubbles of Love Day is sponsored by:

International Bubbles of Love Committee

Sarvy Emo - Canada, Founder of Bubbles of Love Campaign
Maciej Wojewódka - Poland, Strategic & PR advisor
Alvaro López - Costa Rica, Latin America advisor
Hans-Inge Hansson - Sweden
Wendy Archer - USA
e-mail: info@bubblesofloveday.com

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