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Organize An Event

By Maciej Wojewódka

Creating a Bubbles of Love Campaign on Parental Alienation Awareness Day is very easy to manage and you can encourage people to participate if you are do it professionally. Below are steps to doing so:

  1. It is very important to manage every event for the Bubble blowing at the same day. This is so that global efforts are uniform, making it more attractive to the media, and yearly participation in your event.

  2. Pick a place for your event. The best place is one that is well known, where there is a lot of peole and traffic everyday, preferably with kids too;

  3. Be sure to have any required permissions or permits for your public event location. You will have to do it early in order to have adequate time to get any permits required. Or, you can hold your event at a private location or a family home (with permissions from owners);

  4. If you are inviting the public, announce your Bubbles of Love event via posters, social web portals (Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc) and email us to post on this website. Invite nursery-schools, kindergartens, schools, churches and other religious communities, magazines, local TV, etc. Please, send e-mails to all your friends around the world, especially if they have children. If they cannot participate at your Bubbles of Love event they may still be interested in Parental Alienation and creating their own event at their location. It will make your efforts more effective;

  5. It is best to engage people by speaking about the excellent fun in joining in the blowing of Bubbles of Love and only later, speaking about the social meaning of our event;

  6. Prepare soap fluid and equipment for blowing bubbles, if possible find a sponsor to sponsor the event.

  7. Prepare handouts about Parental Alienation and it's negative effects on children to give to the Bubbles of Love participants, observers and journalists;

  8. Try to make an event more attractive by artistic ways of demonstrations;

  9. If possible, invite known personalities, as well as your family and friends;

  10. Blow your bubbles on PAAD for at least 10 minutes. Do not stop blowing bubbles if the children (and adults) are having fun! It ought to last longer, then you can give more PA materials to observers;

  11. During blowing the Bubbles of Love encourage passive observers of your event to join in;

  12. Be sure to take photos of your event and send it in for our post event collage;

  13. Prepare rags or other equipment to clean up the soap fluid after your event;

Some photos of last years event in Cracow, Poland:
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